Manolito P2P


Amazing P2P application for sharing audio files


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Manolito is here! It's a unique P2P client that achieves really high file transfer speeds, especially against when compared to its competitors. The downside is that it can only transfer audio files.

Manolito uses its own servers, not those belonging to other applications. Its interface is completely different from the ones in Ares, Emule, uTorrent, or Azureus. It uses UDP protocol, and not the typical TCP/IP that most applications use, ensuring that your identity is hidden and safeguarded.

Manolito also has its own mascot, a cute little flying saucer, who makes the application a lot nicer.

What makes Manolito unique? First of all, the ability to preview audio files. You can find a file, and listen to it a few seconds to see if you like the quality; if not, you can search for a new one. Secondly, the multimedia library, which includes an audio player so you can listen to your playlists.

It also allows you to burn CDs, and it even includes a VoIP instant messaging client. All of these features make this a relevant application among, competing head-to-head with other P2P clients.

During the installation you can choose to support Manolito by installing two toolbars for Internet Explorer.